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26 Jul 11

Das Plugin stellt sich im Zeitalter Google+ als sehr nützlich heraus.
Jeffrey Friedls Blog » Jeffrey’s “Export to PicasaWeb” Lightroom Plugin. Hier erklärt er sein Plugin.

25 Feb 11

„Lightroom 2 Zenphoto“ is – like the name  already says – a Lightroom 3 publishing service. The service gives you the possibility to sync Lightroom with your Zenphoto installation – but in an intelligent and very easy to use way…

via Lightroom 2 Zenphoto Publishing Service v1.5.1.

12 Okt 09

A directory of Quick Look Plugins for Apple’s OS X 10.5 Leopard

QuickLook Plugins List

The Quick Look plugin that handles source code in Leopard is, well, boring. We developers expect syntax highlighting these days! Thanks to WebKit, Highlight, and the foresight of the Quick Look API designers, however, this is easy to achieve. Just drop this plugin into /Library/QuickLook or ~/Library/QuickLook and bask in the glow of the beautiful syntax highlighting!

qlcolorcode – Project Hosting on Google Code

Entourage QuickLook Plug-In ver.1.1 (Mac OS X 10.5 or later QuickLook plug-in support Microsoft Entourage 2008 mail / QuickLook plug-in supporting the event (or e-mail earlier / other events not supported).

Google Translate

11 Sep 09

Blog zu iPhoto Plugins

16 Aug 09

140+ plugins, add-ons, scripts and helpful apps here. Notification | Added functionality | Integration with other apps | Spam Tools | Interface tweaks | Archiving | Leopard Mail Templates | Switching | Address Book | iCal | Miscellaneous

Hawk Wings – Plug-ins for Apple Mail