5 Nov 11

Language-Paket für den Notepad++ Editor mit 1.779 WordPress-Funktionen. Entdeckt bei Umfangreiches WordPress Language-Paket für Notepad++ | T3-Blogart.

WordPress-Funktionen: Dokumentation der tags/3.2.1.

11 Mai 11

The default loop works perfectly well for most single-loop themes, but for more advanced designs with stuff like multiple and custom loops, more looping power is needed. Fortunately, WordPress provides plenty of flexibility with four ways to loop:

via 4 Ways to Loop with WordPress | Digging into WordPress.

6 Jan 10

Collabtive ist webbasierte Groupware, einfach und effizient für teambasierte Projekte

Collabtive – Open Source collaboration

27 Aug 09

„I created a new page in my theme that I’ll be using from now on for displaying side navigation from 2nd level downwards. I named it subnav.php and it’s included in my sidebar.php“

WordPress: Find Page’s Top Level Parent ID

13 Aug 09

date — Formatiert ein(e) angegebene(s) Zeit/Datum

PHP: date – Manual