Left-wing activists protest against ‚war crimes‘ at IAF base

Some 25 activists protest outside Ramat David air force base calling to ’stop civilian killings.‘ After battling with police, 12 were taken into custody.

Pollack added that the war in Lebanon is not a do-or-die war, and that it must be stopped. „This is a war of choice that has nothing to do with the abducted soldiers and the effort being made to secure their release, this war is an attempt to redefine the Middle East.“

Hagai Matar, a member of the Committee Against War Crimes, also among the protestors, said they had come to block the daily war crimes coming out of the base. He said they had come to demonstrate against the pilots who are guilty of killing innocent civilians and destroying Lebanon’s infrastructure.
Quelle: ynetnews.com, Left-wing activists protest against ‚war crimes‘ at IAF base, 08.08.2006

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